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Help and FAQs

Who is FindARecycler.org designed for?

This site is designed primarily for businesses and organizations that need their used oil, filters, anti-freeze or wastewater collected and responsibly recycled.

For small volume generators (less than fifty gallons), NORA suggests visiting www.earth911.com for a drop off location. Contact your state or local government for specific laws/regulations concerning restrictions on transporting these materials.

How do I use FindARecycler.org?

FindARecycler.org visitors will first identify the state or country where they need material collected. Then, you will identify the material you need recycled. The site will provide a targeted list of companies that are able to provide service with basic contact information. At this time, the site will focus on used oil, anti-freeze, wastewater and filters; however additional liquid categories will be added.

Why is a company’s address different from the location they are listed under?

Many companies conduct business across many regions. The company information lists the headquarter location of the company. Companies with enhanced listings have the opportunity to list regional offices and link to their website for more information. Click here to learn how to upgrade your company listing to an enhanced listing. (http://www.findarecycler.org/MediaKit.aspx)

Does FindARecycler.org list companies that recycle materials other than anti-freeze, used oil, oil filters, or wastewater?
At this time, FindARecyler.org only lists companies who collect and recycle anti-freeze, used oil, oil filters, or wastewater, but will expand to other liquid categories in the future.

Do the companies on FindARecycler.org adhere to any industry standards?

Companies with the "NORA Member” image by their name are committed to the management of a sound environmental policy, a high standard of integrity, continual improvement of the liquid recycling industry and the principles outlined in NORA’s Guiding Principles. Click here to learn more about NORA’s guiding principles. (http://www.noranews.org/?page=GuidingPrinciples)

How can my company be added to FindARecycler.org?
Contact NORA: An Association of Responsible Recyclers at info@noranews.org or call 703-753-4277.

To learn about enhanced listings or advertising, view the media kit by clicking here. (http://www.findarecycler.org/MediaKit.aspx) To purchase an enhanced listing or advertising, use this form. (http://c.ymcdn.com/sites/noranews.site-ym.com/resource/resmgr/Order_Forms/FindARecycler_Form.pdf)

Why should I recycle anti-freeze, used oil, oil filters, and wastewater?

Companies that engage in recycling these materials actively contribute to conserving renewable resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting water equality, and lessen dependence on foreign oil/energy.

What is NORA?

NORA is a non-profit trade association representing over 395 leading companies in the liquid recycling industry. NORA was established in 1985 as the National Oil Recyclers Association with the primary mission of fighting the hazardous waste designation of used oil and aided in the development of the EPA's used oil management standards. Today, NORA represents the leading liquid recycling companies in the following areas: used oil, antifreeze, oil filters & absorbents, parts cleaning, wastewater and chemicals.

How do I contact NORA?

Email NORA at info@noranews.org or call 703-753-4277.

Mailing Address: 7250 Heritage Village Plaza Suite 201, Gainesville VA 20155