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Advanced Waste Services Inc.

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1126 S. 70th St., Ste N408B
West Allis, Wisconsin 53214
United States
Advanced Waste Services Inc.

Industrial waste isn't just a problem to deal with.

It’s an opportunity to reduce costs ... to operate more sustainably … to keep pursuing a competitive edge.

No other firm helps you achieve these advantages like Advanced Waste Services.

We invite you to explore our comprehensive solutions today. When you work with AWS, you’ll find we’re constantly looking for ways to help you not only improve environmental stewardship and compliance, but also reduce costs and increase productivity throughout your company.

Proudly Introducing UnWrapp.

UnWrapp helps companies re-invent sustainability, specifically for the packaged products deemed "not to be sold.” It is a de-packaging machine with the capability to de-package and recycle packaged consumer products.

UnWrapp gives manufacturers with as close to a no landfill, 100% recycling option for their off spec, recalled, out of date, mislabeled or otherwise "not to be sold” products at a cost that is less than traditional Waste To Energy. UnWrapp strives to recycle all of the packaging as well as the majority of the product, using waste water treatment, anaerobic digestion, land application and/or other technologies, depending on the material.


What Sets AWS Apart?

Turn to us for our knowledgeable, dedicated professionals. Count on us for our modern equipment. Rely on us for our productivity-enhancing technologies. And stay with us for our companywide drive to keep finding new and innovative ways to serve your needs even better.

But most importantly, depend on us for our proven results. That’s certainly why so many industrial, manufacturing and municipal clients have been coming to us for so many years.

When you choose our team, you’ll enjoy that same high level of satisfaction and confidence—because Advanced Waste Services will give you an edge today and exceed your expectations tomorrow.






Customized recycling, re-use and treatment
A complete package of equipment and capabilities
Liability and risk elimination programs
Training services and internal and external auditing
Interactive data collection
and real-time access

Visit our website: www.advancedwasteservices.com
Advanced Waste Services Inc. | 1126 S. 70th St., Ste N408B West Allis, Wisconsin 53214 United States | 414x-847x-7100
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